Learn how to:

  Cut Sticky Roll covered card and paper to perfection

  Apply glitter, flock, embossing powder, and all the other mediums,          
    not just to card, but to glass and other surfaces

  Create masterpieces using embellishments, MDF and fabric

  Do so much more with your craft-stash by using the tools and                         supplies you already own, but didn’t realize would work with Sticky Roll

  Make your own stencils and masks to create fabulous effects with
    Sticky Roll

  Master ALL the Sticky Roll techniques!  

You know Sticky Roll is amazing at sticking down intricate shapes, but most people get theirs home and only ever use it for that purpose, never fulfilling their own crafting potential.
But that’s not going to be you! 

And Get You From
Sticky Roll 'Oh?' to 
Sticky Roll Pro!

The Sticky Roll Academy

Master your Sticky Roll in 5 weeks through:

• Exclusive online tutorials you can watch at anytime, so you can start, stop     and rewind, learning at your own pace

• Live weekly workshops, where together, you and I will put your new skills     into action!

• A supportive community where you can inspire and be inspired, ask your      own and hear other's questions, and find 'your people' with the same            passion for crafts and creativity. And who understand exactly what goes        into making and creating.

The Sticky Roll Academy will be opening for enrollment soon!

Join the waiting list for more information and to be notified when we open registration!


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